Talking about Pest Control Techniques
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Talking about Pest Control Techniques

Welcome to my site about pest control. I'm Miranda Maloney. Although many people fuss loudly about the presence of spiders in the home, these creatures often clear out the bugs that cause far worse problems. Spiders consume beetles, cockroaches, moths and other pests that wreak havoc throughout the house. Thankfully, however, you can hire a pest control professional to eliminate bugs in your home if you do not want to co-habitate with spiders. In fact, pest control professionals can eliminate the spiders as well. I will share information about pest control tactics, both natural and commercial, on this site. Please follow along to learn more.

Talking about Pest Control Techniques

  • Don't Share Your House With A Mouse! Learn The Different Methods Used To Get It Out

    21 October 2017

    No one wants to share their house with a mouse. Mice are noisy, leave droppings behind and carry bacteria and diseases that can be harmful to people and pets. If you have a mouse has taken up residence in your house, it needs to be kicked out. Here are the three main methods that can be used to drive that mouse out.  Mouse Repellent Sprays Mouse repellent sprays work to help repel a mouse from inside your home.

  • Preventing Raccoons From Invading Your Yard: What You Can Do

    4 October 2017

    Raccoons are like masked bandits sneaking into your yard after dark to cause mischief of one kind or another. They can tear up your garbage, spreading it all over your yard (and your neighbors yard), sneak into your garage or even into your house. These critters can be a pain to get rid of, so preventing them from thinking your home is your their home is your number one prevention task.

  • Ways To Control Dust Mite Populations In Your Home

    15 September 2017

    Dust mites are a common household pest that, like their name would suggest, find their food from dust and dead skin cells in your home. Dust mites can cause all sorts of health problems, most notably allergy flare ups, and can quickly grow from a population of just a few into a full blown infestation if left unchecked. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to keep your home's dust mite population at a bare minimum.

  • How To Keep Insects Out Of Your School

    24 August 2017

    Nobody wants to walk into their classroom and see roaches scatter across the floor. And the kids certainly won't appreciate ants or spiders scurrying across their desks! Keeping insects at bay in a school can be a struggle because there are just so many people involved. However, there are a few tips you can employ, as an administrator or grounds supervisor, to help keep these pests out of classrooms and halls:

  • Insight To Help You Get Rid Of Harmful Ants In Your Garden And Yard

    2 August 2017

    Many types of ants in your garden can be helpful, as they eat aphids, caterpillars, and other pests that can harm your plants. However, some ants can eat the fruit of your vegetable plants and berries, and others will build ant mounds where their nests are located and bite you anytime you disturb their nest. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get rid of the ants in your yard and garden.