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Talking about Pest Control Techniques

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Talking about Pest Control Techniques

Roach Control Measures For Dealing With An Infestation Of The Annoying And Unsanitary Pests

Riley Baker

Roaches are among the most common household pets. They're annoying, and they also carry germs that can cause diseases. Since roaches are so unsanitary, it's embarrassing to have them scurrying around your home. If you've ever had a bad roach infestation, you know how important prevention and early treatment are for roach control. The pests multiply quickly and can invade in so many numbers that they give your home a foul odor. Here are roach control measures to try.

Have An Inspection By A Pest Control Professional

Start by having an inspection of your home. The pest control service can identify the type of roaches you have, determine if your infestation is severe, find the roach nesting areas, and create a plan for their elimination. Roaches commonly infest kitchens, but when you have a lot of roaches, they could spread throughout your house.

The pest control company can determine what's attracting them. It could be a damp basement, a drain leak under the bathroom sink, a roof leak, or dampness around your refrigerator from condensation. Roaches are drawn to wet areas. They're also attracted to food. This makes your kitchen a likely target spot for roaches, but they might also be in your bathrooms and bedrooms.

Fix The Problem That Attracts Roaches

If your home has some sort of water leak, you'll need to have it fixed or roaches might keep coming back. If you have a messy and cluttered house, your pest control company might require that you clean it before treatments are applied so the treatments can be more effective. You may need to clean the kitchen cabinets and counters to get rid of the crumbs the roaches eat.

Apply Roach Treatments

The roach control professional may use liquid insecticide to fight off the roaches. They may apply it inside and outside of your house. These insecticides may have a residual effect that continues to kill roaches for weeks after they're applied, but it could take time for the infestation to be killed off. When it's time, the roach control service may apply another round of treatments. When the roaches are gone, you may want to continue with preventative treatments so you don't have to worry about a roach problem again.

Use DIY Roach Control

You may not eliminate an infestation of roaches with DIY methods, but there are things you can do to help. You might want to focus on keeping your kitchen free from roaches by putting glue traps in cabinets, on counters, and behind appliances.

These catch roaches and they also allow you to monitor them so you know when your infestation is gone. You may also want to use home remedies, such as diatomaceous earth, borax, or baking soda. You can even try insect repellents, such as citrus and peppermint, although repellents won't kill the roaches.

If you plan to use DIY treatments, talk to the roach control professional to make sure your DIY treatments won't interfere with the effectiveness of their professional insecticides. 

For more information about roach control, contact a local company.