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Talking about Pest Control Techniques

Welcome to my site about pest control. I'm Miranda Maloney. Although many people fuss loudly about the presence of spiders in the home, these creatures often clear out the bugs that cause far worse problems. Spiders consume beetles, cockroaches, moths and other pests that wreak havoc throughout the house. Thankfully, however, you can hire a pest control professional to eliminate bugs in your home if you do not want to co-habitate with spiders. In fact, pest control professionals can eliminate the spiders as well. I will share information about pest control tactics, both natural and commercial, on this site. Please follow along to learn more.

Talking about Pest Control Techniques

3 Tips For Bed Bug Prevention In Your Home

Riley Baker

While bed bug bites are painless, they gradually turn into itchy welts that can be uncomfortable. If you develop itchy areas on your body after waking up, you probably have a bed bug infestation. Other signs to look out for are blood stains on your sheets or pillow cases, a musty odor in your bed, dark or rusty spots on your sheets due to bed bug excrement, and bed bug fecal matter or egg shells in areas they hide.

Here are some tips to help you avoid a bed bug infestation in your house.

Cover Power Outlets

Bed bugs are good at taking cover in hidden spots that are difficult to reach. One such area is inside power outlets. The bed bugs will hide there for days and gradually spread to other places in your home. They can do this by using power outlets to travel through the walls. Ensure you cover your power outlets such as switches at all times.

There are sliding outlet covers that you can use to cover your outlets. When you aren't using an outlet, the sliding cover will automatically cover its openings. Sliding covers are a much safer and more convenient option compared to using plastic plugs.

Use Vacuum-Sealed Bags to Store Your Clothes

Staying in hotels when traveling increases your risk of a bed bug attack. You can also get bed bugs while using public transport. The bed bugs can easily crawl around and enter your bag without you noticing. To prevent this problem, you can buy a vacuum-sealed bag and use it to store your clothes and items. 

The bed bugs won't have easy access to your belongings, so you don't have to worry about carrying bed bugs with you when you return from a vacation trip. You can also store your garments in a vacuum-sealed bag at home. This precaution will prevent the bed bugs from accessing their favorite hiding spots, such as blankets and sweaters.

Seek Professional Bed Bug Treatment

Even after sealing all the bed bug invasion loopholes, the pests can still sneak into your home unexpectedly and wreak havoc. In such a case, you should reach out to bed bug professionals immediately. Don't take matters into your own hands by using home remedies that are usually ineffective and may even worsen the situation.

To combat bed bugs, pest control specialists have the necessary equipment and knowledge. Pests can hide in very hard-to-reach places that only professionals can access. The pest experts will ensure they inspect the hidden areas and kill all the pests together with their eggs.  

Moreover, it's dangerous to fight pests on your own. You can put your health at risk while using pesticides or damage your home as you try to find where the bed bugs are hiding. To learn more, contact a company such as Bug Blasters.