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Talking about Pest Control Techniques

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Talking about Pest Control Techniques

Questions To Ask A Mouse Exterminator

Riley Baker

If you have a mouse infestation in your home, you need to hire mice control services for your sanity and safety. Finding an exterminator can be an uphill task since you need to find someone experienced in your particular infestation. You shouldn't rush into a decision if you want to get rid of the mouse invasion permanently. Here are some questions you should ask a mouse exterminator.

What Attracts Mice?

Rodents invade places with shelter, food, and water. At home, congested areas, garages, mudrooms, and closets are the most common places a new rodent will form their nest. However, mice will occupy cafeterias, stock rooms, and custodial areas at your work building. Therefore, inspecting these areas will help you create an effective prevention plan.

When Are Mice Active?

Mice are active from dusk until dawn. This makes it harder for you to spot them because they strike when you are asleep. Although mice are nocturnal animals, you may spot them during the day. In many cases, if you see a mouse during the day, it's a sign you have a large infestation.

What Signs Indicate a Mouse Infestation?

One of the common signs of mice in your house or office is gnaw marks and holes. Also, you may hear rustling and scampering as the rodents move around. Another sign to look out for is droppings. In many cases, the droppings are near their food source or nest. Additionally, if you have pets at home, you will notice them sniffing a particular area since they can easily smell these critters.

What Mouse Treatment Will You Use?

Your mice control service should offer you free estimates to help you determine the best mouse treatment. If you have a particular preference, it may be a good idea to inquire about the trapping procedures they offer.

Ask whether the mouse treatment is pet-friendly. You should also ensure their treatment is safe around children. Also, determine whether the mice will die in your home. If the bait causes thirst, the mice might take residence in your home to survive on your water before the treatment kills them. The mice might die in places you can see and access. However, sometimes rodents die in hiding places that are hard to reach.

In Closing

You must ask the right questions if you want effective mice extermination services. Apart from inquiring about a professional's credentials, experience, and reputation, seek advice about how to prevent a mice infestation. Make sure you compare the quotes of different exterminators to find one who is within your budget.