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Talking about Pest Control Techniques

Welcome to my site about pest control. I'm Miranda Maloney. Although many people fuss loudly about the presence of spiders in the home, these creatures often clear out the bugs that cause far worse problems. Spiders consume beetles, cockroaches, moths and other pests that wreak havoc throughout the house. Thankfully, however, you can hire a pest control professional to eliminate bugs in your home if you do not want to co-habitate with spiders. In fact, pest control professionals can eliminate the spiders as well. I will share information about pest control tactics, both natural and commercial, on this site. Please follow along to learn more.

Talking about Pest Control Techniques

How To Keep Insects Out Of Your School

Riley Baker

Nobody wants to walk into their classroom and see roaches scatter across the floor. And the kids certainly won't appreciate ants or spiders scurrying across their desks! Keeping insects at bay in a school can be a struggle because there are just so many people involved. However, there are a few tips you can employ, as an administrator or grounds supervisor, to help keep these pests out of classrooms and halls:

Do not allow students to snack in class.

If you do not already have a school policy that bans eating outside of the cafeteria, it is time to make one. Some teachers may be more lax with allowing students to eat than others, but at least by having this policy, you will decrease the number of bug-attracting crumbs that end up on the floors.

Take out the trash each night.

It's common for food waste to end up in classroom garbage cans. Even if the students are not allowed to eat in class, then may throw away their food wrappers (complete with a few crumbs) after lunch. Teachers may eat a snack between periods and toss out their scraps. If the trash cans are not emptied daily, they may attract insects. Try to have your custodial staff empty the trash in each room every day. If this proves to be a hassle, you may want to design a system in which each teacher knots their trash bag at the end of the day and then leaves it in the hall when they leave. Then, your custodians can just walk down the halls and pick up all of the bags.

Put rugged mats near each door.

One of the ways in which insects are brought into schools is on the bottoms of shoes. Kids may track in ant eggs and other insect eggs after gym class or on their walk from the bus into the hall. If you put rugged mats down near each entryway and encourage students to wipe their shoes as they walk in, you can reduce the number of bugs brought inside. Make sure your custodial staff vacuums these rugs daily -- or at least every other day.

In addition to following the tips above, make sure all of your teachers know to let you know if they do start seeing signs of an insect infestation. The sooner you call a pest control company, the easier time they'll have getting rid of the bugs. Contact a company like Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management for more information and assistance.